Windbg released

Version of the Debugging Tools for Windows package has been available for a few days now.

The big news on this one is lots of FireWire debugging changes. An updated host driver is provided and claims of greater reliability and controller compatibility are made. Additional changes include better WOW64 support, claims of performance improvements to the various debuggers in the package (it remains to be seen how significant those are), many improvements to the almighty !analyze extension command and extensive updates to the debugger documentation. Absent from this release is NT 4.0 support. I suppose not many will miss it at this point.

Developers using the debugger API may be interested that symbols for dbghelp.dll v6.10.3.233 are available from the public symbol store, while symbols for dbgeng.dll v6.10.3.233 are once again missing, a sorry tradition of making the debugger interface consumer’s life hard since the 6.8 debugger release, if I recall correctly.