CRT deployment made slightly easier by Visual C++ 2008 Beta 2

My infamous post on using the OS CRT (msvcrt.dll) instead of the Visual C++ CRT (msvcrXX.dll) enumerated several compelling reasons for avoiding the headache of deploying the latter with your project. Those of you who are less concerned with the size of your distribution package and more with the added complexity of an MSI-based installation will be glad to know that deploying the new CRT as a private assembly has been made easier by the new Orcas Beta. As explained in this post on Nikola’s blog, private deployment is much easier and doesn’t require weird manifest hanky-panky, including the hefty vcredist.exe or using the MSI merge modules.

And the rest of us that want to create ActiveX controls smaller than 900K keep hoping and waiting for an OS debug CRT release in the next WDK…


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